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The top 35 therapeutic targets for partnering since 2009
Dena Bice, Account Administrator, Dena is excited to bring over twenty years of experience in sales and customer service to the Therapeutic Team.
Those wed to therapeutic approaches and theoretical orientations that do not embrace a narrative approach with its emphasis on the strengths perspective (where the client's unique story is the basis for treatment) may have some trouble with the book's approach, but there is enough cognitive content to woo even the most conservative behaviorist into believing that this treatment approach has merit.
Of its many therapeutic benefits, the inhalation of this fresh, aromatic herb is commonly used to help relieve sinus and respiratory congestion.
The therapeutic application of metal complexes is an underdeveloped area of research.
Patients receiving medication and psychotherapy reported slightly stronger therapeutic alliances than the others did.
Diatos Peptide Vector (DPV) technology enables or significantly enhances selective cellular or nuclear uptake of a broad range of therapeutic compounds, including small molecules, peptides and proteins, antibodies and antibody fragments, oligonucleotides, and nanospheres.
The person emerging from an experiment in which a therapeutic clone were placed in a woman's body and carried to term, would be the object of fascinated attention -- if not the property -- of the scientists and doctors who initiated his or her novel genome, and their funders.
Hampered by reimbursement caps, physical and occupational therapists are doing less with these residents, says Serra, who is director of therapeutic recreation at the 448-bed Schulman and Schachne Institutes for Nursing and Rehabilitation at the Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.
Scarce research was found on therapeutic horseback riding or hippotherapy and its effects on persons with disabilities.
Institutional imperatives, such as overcrowding, led to solutions that focused on time-sparing interventions that controlled behaviors; and - importantly - the discipline of behaviors was perceived as therapeutic at its very core.
Campers also attend therapeutic recreation sessions, where they take part in activities, such as collage of life and hand puppets, which are facilitated by a CTRS.