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In conclusion, in the case of an infant who has a unilateral intranasal mass, the clinical history and imaging findings play a key role in therapeutic decision making.
For many years, therapeutic decision making in relation to proximal caries lesions was based on the radiographic aspects of the same.
While the clinical manifestations of these infections haven't changed over the years, the microbiologic etiologies have, and this has impacted therapeutic decision making.
In addition to the guidance on pharmacogenomics data submissions (FDA 2003), the FDA is embarking on a new guidance initiative for the co-development of pharmacogenomics-based drugs and biologic products and the diagnostic tests necessary for therapeutic decision making.
The TIMI risk score for unstable angina/non-ST elevation MI: a method for prognostication and therapeutic decision making.
DNA ploidy and proliferative measurements do not provide significant prognostic information for clinicians to integrate into therapeutic decision making for breast cancer patients.
Direct-to-consumer advertising is shifting therapeutic decision making toward the consumer-patient.

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