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Also, biopsy findings have little influence on therapeutic decision making when radiologic studies are available.
of Alabama at Birmingham) provides a reference on ophthalmic drug information to facilitate therapeutic decision making for students, eye care professionals, and pharmacists.
Unfortunately, the literature and professional guidelines do not offer solid advice to guide therapeutic decision making in the broad area of anxiety disorders, from acute stress disorder to generalized anxiety disorder and many nuanced diagnoses in between.
3) Determine who may benefit from genetic testing and how testing may change medical care 4) Identify red flags or risk factors for families 5) List strategies for risk reduction and early detection 6) Describe therapeutic decision making options applicable to patients with early stage breast cancer.
The petition asked the FDA commissioner to "require that all in vitro diagnostic tests intended for use in drug or biologic therapeutic decision making be held to the same scientific and regulatory standards, regardless of whether the tests are developed and sold by device manufacturers as diagnostic test 'kits' or are developed by clinical laboratory companies for in-house testing."
For many years, therapeutic decision making in relation to proximal caries lesions was based on the radiographic aspects of the same.

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