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But this publication must be considered as a real landmark for anyone interested in the young history of therapeutics, especially among French scholars.
We are very pleased to be starting this new clinical trial in ALS with ExonHit Therapeutics as this study offers hope of further progress in treating this devastating disorder," said Professor P.
We believe that our collaboration with Medarex provides an enabling path forward in the development of advanced treatments for central nervous system injuries," said John Steeves, President of Neuro Therapeutics.
Critical Therapeutics is working to expand its zileuton franchise by developing a twice daily, controlled-release formulation for the prevention and chronic treatment of asthma and an intravenous formulation for acute asthma attacks that lead patients to the emergency room and other urgent care settings.
Altea Therapeutics is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company developing and commercializing products based on a new transdermal patch technology that can deliver sustained therapeutic levels of highly water-soluble drugs, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, peptides and proteins through the skin in a convenient, painless, and cost-effective manner.
The European autoimmune diseases therapeutics market is set to witness sustained growth in the coming years.
Critical Therapeutics now has a lead small molecule candidate, which was discovered through our own medicinal chemistry efforts, entering toxicology studies.
Market research conducted by Altea Therapeutics on its transdermal basal insulin product confirms significant market potential for a pain-free, convenient and cost-effective alternative to repeat insulin injections.
His financial and business experience in banking and proven ability to lead at IRX Therapeutics makes Mr.
We view Inex as having important intellectual property and capabilities in the area of lipid-based drug delivery systems, and believe that access to this technology is important as we advance systemic RNAi therapeutics and continue to build a leading biopharmaceutical company.
Greene joined Alnylam, a biotechnology company focused on the development of novel therapeutics based on RNA interference, or RNAi, in October 2003.