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Oxidation can be measured indirectly so we can assess the impact of our antioxidant therapies.
A closer analysis of the reception of and transition between different therapies would have allowed Braslow to explore the implicit and negotiated meanings of these therapeutic interventions, rather than portray these therapeutic interventions as the causal factor that created these meanings (the author's discussion of this latter point is excellent).
In addition to market pressures, the cost-saving potential of CAM therapies has sparked additional interest among health plans.
Overview of the disease, key therapies, market size and growth, market composition by region, as well as market outlook and forecast
5) Overall, such a union of body and mind therapies often leads to a deeper, fuller healing experience.
Some counter that risks were taken to make anti-HIV therapies available before all of the risks and benefits were known about those drugs and that people benefited overall from being allowed to take personal risks with therapies that were not fully proven to be effective.
Bone loss and heart attacks have also been tentatively correlated with anti-HIV therapies.
In the early 1990s, autologous bone marrow transplantation served as a focal point for discussing the high cost of new technologies and payer coverage policies, which tended to exclude therapies considered "investigational.
Increasingly, there is a shift towards a research-based industry, focused on generating new, innovative therapies, supported by improving intellectual property regulations.
Nonsurgical therapies such as biofeedback and pelvic floor stimulation aim to change all that, and Medicare reimbursement might be available to help.