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Both HASSET and ELSST not only incorporate a tree view to aid in searching, but have a visual graph, making the thesaurus easier to navigate for both the novice and more experienced user.
The 1989 report of the Music Thesaurus Project Working Group called for a number of bold initiatives, including the construction of thesauri that would cover all aspects of music as well as literature on music (the "about-ness" and the "is-ness").
Our approach envisaged providing a framework allowing its users to build AF taxonomies, AF thesaurus, and finally, in future research work, to reuse both for building an AF domain ontology.
A significant number of terms and many major hierarchies from the existing Eighth Edition of the Thesaurus have been revised and updated to better reflect current terminology and usage.
A thesaurus can extract that word that's on the tip of your tongue but can't quite reach your lips.
Facet analysis is at the heart of most classification and thesaurus construction (Broughton, 2006) and is well explained in texts such as Aitchison, Gilchrist, & Bawden, (2000), although Mai (2006) adds that more thought should be given to the activity that precedes facet analysis (i.
A thesaurus is a set of terms that are semantically related.
This paper will present a neural network based software retrieval system with a fuzzy-related thesaurus to enhance retrieval precision without excessively compromising recall.
Este Thesaurus es el catalogo ordenado de los terminos psicologicos de uso, que ha sido editado por la American Psychological Association a lo largo de las tres ultimas decadas.
Yes, political comic, writer, actor, radio talk show host Will Durst received a thesaurus for his birthday, but he didn't need it.
The PW-E250 carries the contents of four reference books: Oxford Pocket American Dictionary and Thesaurus, the Oxford Pocket Spanish Dictionary, Oxford Essential Geogrephicol Dictionary, and Oxford Essential Guide for Puzzle Solvers.
Downloading images takes a while, and features such as spell-check and a thesaurus don't come standard.