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The 1990s: A Music Thesaurus Prototype and Other Endeavors
AF well-conceived taxonomies and/or thesaurus for Knowledge Capitalization and Organizational Memory processes could offer the basis for the design of AF domain ontology.
Thesaurus construction is usually associated with the development of postcoordinate indexing languages, which are generally regarded as the preferred choice for online bibliographic databases.
One purpose of a thesaurus is, "to provide a map of a given field of knowledge, indicating how concepts or ideas about concepts are related to one another, which helps an indexer or a searcher to understand the structure of the field" (Fosket 1980, p.
This paper will present a neural network based software retrieval system with a fuzzy-related thesaurus to enhance retrieval precision without excessively compromising recall.
Word Menu is an idea thesaurus, similar to the older and still existing program IdeaFisher; but at $34.
The Lum Library has developed a thesaurus explicit to research on real estate valuation.
If the thesaurus entry "Subject Indexing", for instance, appears in the title of a database record, it may be considered that the record's intellectual content has to do with subject indexing, and therefore the entry "Subject Indexing" may be assigned to the record automatically.
For example, a pharmaceutical company may wish to use MeSH (Medical Subject Headings), while a defense company might want to use the DTIC (Defense Technical Information Center) thesaurus.
I thought I would check out the Getty Foundation's online art and architecture thesaurus at the unpleasantly designed knicker-pink, dull orange, white and black site at www.
But that classroom favourite and cornerstone of the English language, Roget's Thesaurus celebrates its 150th birthday this year.