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Of late he had begun to feel that these qualities were a peculiar possession for himself, and he wanted to engross them.
In the lives of two of these, Bulwer-Lytton and Benjamin Disraeli, there are interesting parallels.
One of these series was delivered in America, where, of course, the former ill-feeling had long before worn away.
I disturb you, perhaps, my dear Aramis," continued D'Artagnan, "for by what I see, I am led to believe that you are confessing to these gentlemen.
transcriber's note: These "advertisements" appeared in the format that would have been used in a newspaper or magazine ad section--that is in two columns for the smaller ads, and in quarter, half, full and double page layouts for the others.
In every man's mind, some images, words and facts remain, without effort on his part to imprint them, which others forget, and afterwards these illustrate to him important laws.
These last words appear to have been the actual indictment (compare Xen.
I wish in these lectures to analyse as fully as I can what it is that really takes place when we, e.
Very few perhaps are familiar with these lines--yet no less a poet than Shelley is their author.
I suppose," said the priest, who seemed anxious to change the subject, "all these spears and things are from India?
At the time I could not understand these reproaches, and it was not until long afterwards that I learned--or rather, I guessed--why eventually my mother declared that she could not go on living with Anna.
But the house and the estate generally--well the romantic ideas read into these things are often rather recent romances, things almost like fashionable novels.