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An electronic thesis repository provides several instruction-based opportunities to advance learning.
Examples from the English corpus are coded as TE1: Thesis in English 1, TE2: Thesis in English 2 .
Additionally, we have elaborated a comprehensive model of the various criteria to be included in the evaluation of the thesis, which provide objective judgments and can be deployed either fully or in part depending on the type of evaluation required in each case.
Three independent researchers checked the reliability of the data and categorized each thesis as interpretation, tour guiding, and/or environmental education-focused, or as irrelevant and to be removed from the analysis.
His thesis, entitled "Synthesis of Fluorene Based Monomers for Application in Polymerization Reactions Aimed at the Synthesis of Thermally Stable Polyfluorene Based Blue Emitting Materials for Application in Opto-electronic Devices," explores synthetic routes to new substituted dibromofluorenes.
When a PhD thesis is examined, whatever the process, examiners typically require something more from the student, whether it be the correction of typographical errors in the written document or more substantial changes.
The content, scientific process, pedagogy, community experience, and reasoned findings of my master's thesis nudged me into a new life stage as a researcher.
Master's Specialization: Non-Thesis Program; Master of Agribusiness Management; Thesis Program; Master of Science in Agriculture with a concentration in Agricultural Economics
15) Even if one is not totally convinced of where Callahan's thesis takes him and all of its conclusions, (16) the strength of his criticism of the dominant readings is sufficient to dislodge us from research based on such "inherited" foundations.
Bidco is a newly incorporated company formed by an investor consortium (including David Tyerman and Stephen Mugford, who are existing Thesis directors) for the purpose of making and implementing the acquisition.