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To the stake they led him, and as they pushed him roughly against it preparatory to binding him there securely for the dance of death that would presently encircle him, Tarzan tensed his mighty thews and with a single, powerful wrench parted the loosened thongs which had secured his hands.
For three days his ancient thews and sinews had proved insufficient for the task of providing his cavernous belly with meat.
This is, of course, no argument against the poems now-we mean it only as against the poets thew.
thews, Beckett, Wells, Fenby, C Morris, Turnbull, J Morris.
Bates) Thews, 84, died Sunday, December 28, in the Lydia Taft House, following an illness.
A programme of Celtic music at the bandstand at Churchill Way will feature performers such as Ceri Mat thews and the Kilbride Brothers.
In February the firm acquired Liverpoolbased Thews and it is from here that Jeffries will plot the growth of the group which currently turns over around pounds 23m a year, has 11 UK outlets from Glasgow all the way down to London and employs around 200 people.
LIVERPOOL architectural ironmonger Thews has been taken over by West Midlands-based Laidlaw for an undisclosed sum.
Thews, 87, died peacefully Friday April 18, in the Lydia Taft House, following a long illness.
Former Thews owner Mike Thew will continue to manage the Liverpool operation, taking on the role of director Laidlaw Liverpool.
Nick Burrows scored a try at either side of half time to give thew London aces a 30-point cushion.