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TO HAVE. These words are used in deeds for the conveyance of land, in that clause which usually declared for what estate the land is granted. The same as Habendum. (q.v.) Vide Habendum; Tenendum.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"They've half got you a'ready, a-talkin' like that," Henry retorted sharply.
"They've got away with better men than you an' me," Bill answered.
"And they've got the shells, too," Collins muttered, "the shells that burst under water."
And there's a lot o' foolish women in fine clothes, with gewgaws all up their arms and feathers on their heads, sitting near the judge: they've dressed themselves out in that way, one 'ud think, to be scarecrows and warnings against any man ever meddling with a woman again.
I reckon they've forgot his real name long before this.
"But what other chance they've got to win I don't see.
They've bucked up real high an' mighty what of all that killin' the other day.
They've fired our four best men--the ones that was always on the conference committees.
strengthened forward they've very Steve Looking ahead to the game, Bruce - looking for his first home win as Toon boss - said: "We've concentrated on Watford and they've got a very, very good team.
They've attracted quizzical looks from foreign tourists.
With the six day turnaround in mind, the GAA should have put a few vans on the road and headed west to look after these most remarkable of fans for what they've given - for the colossal amount of time and money they've put into the association.
They've built, they've zoomed, they've rescued, they've flown into space, and they've even fought off pirates, and now in Penny Dale's "Dinosaur Farm!" picture book, our dynamic team of dinosaurs is working hard on the farm!

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