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sellowiana fruits and perhaps other native or cultivated fruit crops with thick-skinned fruits.
Men, on the other hand, are encouraged from boyhood to be tough and thick-skinned and to hide their softer emotions.
To us thick-skinned humans, this attenuated arachnid is entirely harmless.
At times unexpected sensitivity is also found in the thick-skinned extrovert who is in a somewhat precarious position.
That said, some thick-skinned investors view Wild Oats' sagging stock price as an opportunity to get in cheap before any such deal bolsters performance.
Millions of flamingos thrive in the area, and their thick-skinned legs tolerate water that would burn the flesh off any other creature.
PI AM a reasonably thick-skinned individual capable of taking the rough with the smooth, including mickey-taking from rival supporters and journos alike.
Thick-skinned, bioengineered tomatoes survive the trip to market better.
Martin Offiah guests tonight on the eve of the second Rugby League Test and hopefully is thick-skinned enough to explain why he is not good enough to play for Great Britain, why London Broncos had such a poor season and why Tufnell is not on the Ashes tour.
If a grapefruit is pointed at the stem end, it is likely to be thick-skinned.