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Washington is held for ransom by a thick-witted group of kidnappers (including Slim, a dim bulb played by writer-director Pooh).
DEAN Martin as smirking secret agent Matt Helm in the first of several thick-witted `comedy adventures.
Title character is introduced as the white sheep of a Mob family, long estranged from his gruff father (Peter Falk) and thick-witted brothers Paulie (peter Berg) and Peter (Chris Penn).
In pic's genuinely clever denouement, the middle-aged Binny turns out to be just the sort of guardian angel a thick-witted Lothario like Hutch deserves.
For the benefit of those who tuned in late: Rocky, a dauntless flying squirrel, and Bullwinkle, a well-meaning but thick-witted moose, are best buddies who cohabit in the tiny town of Frostbite Falls.