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luminal narrowing, loss of colonic haustrations, thickened mucosal folds, and a nodular mucosal pattern.
Thin gravy is a breeze, but thickened gravy is an art.
Although a thickened CHL that covers the rotator interval has been understood to limit shoulder joint external rotation [7], thickening of the ligament, especially from the base of the coracoid process to the superomedial capsule, would also restrict internal rotation such as hand behind back (HBB), horizontal flexion, and internal rotation in flexion or abduction.
Concern for dehydration has been directed primarily toward dysphagic patients receiving thickened liquids; with substandard fluid intake overwhelmingly attributed to patient dissatisfaction.
The findings on light microscopy of the eyelids in pachydermoperiostosis are thickening and sclerosis of the connective tissue between the orbicularis oculi muscle and the tarsal plate as well as a thickened tarsal plate due to meibomian gland hyperplasia and epidermalization of the conjunctival epithelium.
The symptoms of Peyronie's disease develop gradually and may include: curvature of the penis to one side during erection; pain in the penis on erection; and a thickened area within the penis that can be felt as a firm nodule when the penis is flaccid.
Another option is surgical removal of the thickened tissue, followed by a course of physical therapy.
In addition, these manufacturers produce a limited variety of commercially prepared thickened liquids including water, juice, tea, coffee, and milk.
Add the Marmite and oatmeal to the vegetable water and boil until thickened.
This new Six 10 Thickened Epoxy Adhesive meters the proper ration of epoxy resin and hardener from a multi-chambered tube that fits in any standard caulking gun.
Most sinus problems are caused by thickened mucus, usually resulting from cold, flu, allergies, pollution or dry air, she says.