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Milk samples thickened with rice cereal exhibited a mean osmolality of 341 [+ or -] 16.2mOsm/kg.
In this process, doctors introduce a small cannula into the arteries supplying blood to excessively thickened muscles, and then inject chemicals to induce necrosis to reduce muscle thickness."
In previous studies, the effects of flocculants on structural stability were ignored, and thickened tailings slurries were simplified as Bingham plastic fluid in pipeline transportation, whose flow properties were time-independent [5].
Therefore, compared with the polymer system, the carrying capacity of the thickened water fracturing fluid system is better.
An MRI of the abdomen with contrast showed diffusely thickened gallbladder wall measuring up to 12 mm with intramural increased signal intensity on T2 weighted images.
Heterogeneous appearance of liver, periportal involvement, diffuse low signal intensity of spleen on T2-weighted images and thickened bowel wall can be helpful if accompanied by history of chronic inflammatory disease and clinical suspicion for amyloidosis.
All nerves lying above the calculated upper limit were considered to be thickened. (8)
Thin gravy is a breeze, but thickened gravy is an art.
Although a thickened CHL that covers the rotator interval has been understood to limit shoulder joint external rotation [7], thickening of the ligament, especially from the base of the coracoid process to the superomedial capsule, would also restrict internal rotation such as hand behind back (HBB), horizontal flexion, and internal rotation in flexion or abduction.
Concern for dehydration has been directed primarily toward dysphagic patients receiving thickened liquids; with substandard fluid intake overwhelmingly attributed to patient dissatisfaction.
The findings on light microscopy of the eyelids in pachydermoperiostosis are thickening and sclerosis of the connective tissue between the orbicularis oculi muscle and the tarsal plate as well as a thickened tarsal plate due to meibomian gland hyperplasia and epidermalization of the conjunctival epithelium.