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CT or MRI can demonstrate filling defects, irregular ureteral narrowing, stricture, and diffuse or focal wall thickening (Fig.
Characteristic CT features include asymmetric thickening of the ileocecal valve and medial wall of the cecum (Figure 7), engulfing the terminal ileum and massive lymph nodes with central low-attenuation areas.
Although a thickened CHL that covers the rotator interval has been understood to limit shoulder joint external rotation [7], thickening of the ligament, especially from the base of the coracoid process to the superomedial capsule, would also restrict internal rotation such as hand behind back (HBB), horizontal flexion, and internal rotation in flexion or abduction.
MRI after one month showed thickening of the right ureter wall and discrete bladder wall thickening.
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Metacarpal thickening and contour irregularities were seen in the hands (Figure 3).
PDS, synovial thickening, and effusion were "persistent"--present at baseline and follow-up--in 40, 118, and 232 joints, and were "fluctuating" --present only at baseline or follow-up--in 243, 641, and 636 joints, respectively.
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Summary: Newborn babies of overweight or obese mothers have a thickening of the aorta, something that in later life is linked to heart disease, a small Australian study said.
However, the mechanisms responsible for both the topographic uplift and the crustal thickening remain controversial.
2], and that is comprised of 10% to 75% weight of an adhesive binder and 8% to 50% weight of at least one thickening agent and 0% to 50% weight of at least one filler based on the total mass of the one-component adhesive, the sum of thickening agent and filler is in the range of 20% to 50% weight, and in which the thickening agent is selected from at least one of silicic acid and an amide wax and the filler is calcium carbonate.