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Now that very day the hundred years were ended; and as the prince came to the thicket he saw nothing but beautiful flowering shrubs, through which he went with ease, and they shut in after him as thick as ever.
In straying among the thickets they had beheld tracks of grizzly bears in every direction, doubtless attracted thither by the fruit.
cried Levin, and he ran with Laska into the thicket to look for the snipe.
My mother was a poet," Saxon said, while Billy was getting himself ready in the thicket.
The victors feared to drive desperate men to extremities, so they forbore to attempt the thicket.
So, quitting the highroad, he also entered the thickets, and began spying around after stout Arthur a Bland.
One of the young men complied; and having succeeded in detaching the hounds from the place, around which, until then, they had not ceased to hover, he led them down to the margin of the thicket.
He paused and turned his head quickly toward a thicket, and then bent his eyes suspiciously on their guide, who continued his steady pace, in undisturbed gravity.
At last I did it at a run; and as I emerged from the thicket upon the sand, I heard some other body come crashing after me.
As to the thicket, made of the sort of shrubs that don't flourish in the rough season--laurels and fuchsias--it offered the murderer a sufficient hiding-place until it was time for him to make his way to the pavilion.
Gurth was hurried along agreeably to this mandate, and having been dragged somewhat roughly over the bank, on the left-hand side of the lane, found himself in a straggling thicket, which lay betwixt it and the open common.
The Parsee jumped to the ground, fastened the elephant to a tree, and plunged into the thicket.