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They said it clearly breached their code because it could appeal to under- 18s and they ordered a more adult label on Thickhead.
Thickhead's research and development manager Tom Wright last night confirmed that the firm had agreed to change the label.
And this time round there was certainly no paucity of punchablity on the part of the assembled thickheads and big egos.
On the Wolves fans urinating on West Bromwich Albion's pitch It may have been considered a joke by two thickheads who did it and indeed by some who think it funny, but I would consider it an insult to West Brom and their fans.
Do we not appear like thickheads who are always surprised at each and every development which concerns us in Europe?
When will the message get through to the thickheads in Holyrood, Westminster and on parole boards that the public are entitled to protection from dangerous criminals?
The thing is, I can't decide who's worse on The Jeremy Kyle Show - the attention-seeking thickheads that guest on the programme or the eponymous host.