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Underfoot, the linn sand was overlain with a thickish layer of fine, soft silt.
Shape the bulgar wheat into a pleasing stack and top with a thickish slice of soft goats cheese.
For example, on pua' kumbu', the top of the main design is often bordered by a thickish white/black/white line, known as a sengkalan.
"People are used to seeing me be kind of thickish, but when I started eating [vegan], right away I dropped like 8 to 10 pounds," Lopez told Extratv.
Cut the Madeira cake into small but thickish slices.
"In the net session you don't get to know whether a thickish outside edge carries to the slip or goes to the boundary.
This small square acrylic takes its title from the eighteen thickish lines that plow through it, nine to a side.
IEXPLAINED about melting the cheese in strong ale, beating English mustard and two egg-yolks and Worcester sauce into this, spreading it lavishly on a slice of thickish breakfast toast and browning it under a slow grill until the surface is speckled.
Thickish, wholesome, wonderfully warming - and tasty, too.
A witness to the Stockwell incident said a policeman fired five shots into an Asian man who was wearing 'quite a thickish coat'.
To be sure, the last task could prove difficult for the man, a thickish sort who wears his hair in the seductive style of a 1970s engineering student (with matching go-hither mustache).