thickly settled

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They said the area is already thickly settled and that they were worried about the impact on traffic.
Galante was driving through a thickly settled area and that under state law his speed could not exceed 30 mph.
truck with almost 1,800 gallons of home heating oil in its tank flipped onto its side in a thickly settled neighborhood at Hale and Lynn streets about 4 p.
Erik Abell, a spokesperson for MHD, noted, however, that drivers are required to slow down in areas such as school zones and thickly settled areas or business districts.
According to a law called the prima facie speed limit law, a motorist - even without a posted speed limit sign - cannot, for example, exceed 30 mph on roadways that run within thickly settled areas or business districts.
An officer, however, must follow a motorist for a specified distance (1/8 of a mile in a thickly settled area or business district) to determine whether the motorist is exceeding the 30 mph limit established by prima facie law.
Duteau's speed at 45 to 50 mph in a thickly settled area with a non-posted speed limit of 30 mph.
Kingman Drive, where the incident took place, does not have a posted speed limit, but it is a 30 mph zone because the area is considered thickly settled, Sgt.