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Correlation of tumor thickness level with metastasis in neck was calculated using spearman's rank correlation coefficient test.
In both myopic and hyperopic patients, there were no significant differences in mean RNFL thickness, macular thickness, macular volume, axial length, or optic disc area between amblyopic and non-amblyopic eyes.
The thickness of a thin film is a very important parameter due to quantitative characterization of Thermodynamic behavior and Electro optical study of different liquid crystal compounds.
The retinal map was divided into central point thickness, central 1 mm subfield and 2 peripheral ring areas with 3 and 6 mm diameter.
noted that systolic blood pressure and ocular perfusion pressure were modestly and negatively correlated with subfoveal choroidal thickness [8].
Dr Hudson also says that there is a relationship between modulus and lens thickness profile and cites the unreferenced, unsupported and partially labelled set of profiles in Figure 1 as evidence that 'material modulus can provide practitioners with a useful indicator of the change in Dk/A expected over the lens surface [sic] for any given lens type
W equals the thickness of Cheddar in millimetres, the thickness of bread, the dough flavour modifier, the thickness of margarine or butter, the thickness of mayonnaise, the creami-ness modifier, v the thickness of tomato, the depth of pickle, the tanginess modify and the thickness of the lettuce layer.
Earlier research also suggested the factors that would need to be optimized in the use of the coating--slurry dilution, mold temperature on application and final thickness of the coating.
Thickness changes around twice the normal web thickness at the beginning and end of each splice are detected.
Furthermore, in these technologies each lamella must be prepared with high accuracy and good surface quality to meet narrow tolerances in thickness imposed by both standards' requirements and the economics of a sawmill.
However, with conventional paints, discrepancies in paint film thickness can result between the inside and outside body surfaces because it is difficult for electrical currents to reach all interior parts and form an even paint film on interior surfaces.