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Lam et al15 stated that in high myopes having age of 35 to 54 years, foveal thicknesses was greater but the macular thicknesses was considerably less.
On the other hand, decreased thicknesses have also been reported [8, 25], suggesting neuronal cell loss as the cause.
The parafoveal retinal thicknesses, parafoveal retinal volumes, perifoveal retinal thicknesses, and perifoveal retinal volumes were significantly less in the persistent amblyopic group than in the recovered amblyopic group (P = 0.049, 0.046, 0.043, and 0.048, respectively).
Spearman's rank-order correlation was used to evaluate the relationship between retinal and choroidal thicknesses. Excel Tokei 2006 software (the Social Survey Research Information Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan) was used for statistical analysis.
It has an 0.2 coefficient of friction (COF) against steel, and though chrome plating does not always deposit uniformly, it builds thicknesses up to about 0.0005 in.
Off-line sampling and laboratory measurement to determine multilayer film thicknesses are no longer necessary, reports Facts, Inc.
* Corrugated roll biddle chrome or tungsten carbide thickness gauge: This simple instrument uses a very sensitive spring and magnet to check coating thicknesses as low as 0.0001 in.
And the system even enables larger starting and finishing thicknesses to be applied automatically.
Commercially, different thicknesses of packaging films are used for wrapping RTE meats and poultry products.
Measurements on three thicknesses of coatings, 170 [micro]m, 350 [micro]m, and 510 [micro]m resulted in thermal conductivity in the range from 1.5 W/(m*K) to 1.7 W/(m*K) with a combined relative standard uncertainty of 20 %.
Kuyucak explained that feeding rules for steel castings have been summarized in terms of the number of thicknesses that can be fed (NFD') vs.
Like the MQ Garnet, it measures thicknesses, refractive indices and absorption coefficients of transparent films from 0 nm to 30 microns thick.