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'Is it possible to make Islamic civilisation great again based on klepto-theocracy which misuses Islam to peddle lies, falsehoods, distrust, suspicion, hatred and which supports thievery and corruption?' he said.
(Writer's note: I love 'Thievery' for their unique meld of reggae, dub, bossa nova, jazz, and world music into an incredible synthesis.
And one of the organizations in the country that our thievery is hurting so much is the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).
The video footage showing the faces of the arrested suspects drew praises from some quarters especially the victims of thievery and other crimes in the city.
Delivery of such services as basic education and healthcare would be way much better if they were not subjected to corruption and thievery.
Chief of the investigation, Tai Chao-tung, said today that the culprits knew hawking counterfeit goods over Facebook Live would be difficult for police to track and that this method of thievery has been gaining popularity, according to CNA.
Farrakhan also called the establishment of the State of Israel an "outlaw act", and accused the Jewish state of "thievery, lying, and deceit...
"The violation of law that took place in the department of oil exploration was an act of thievery, not corruption," Namdar-Zanganeh said, without explaining the distinction.
BANKERS' behaviour in the tracker mortgages scandal is "nothing short of thievery" and they should be brought before gardai, Catherine Murphy has said.
The sacrifice of these brave people will pay off in the end, as Russia will grow weary of Putins thuggery and thievery.
Karman stepped forward early on to opine publicly that "Corruption is not thievery." His interpretation was interesting for two reasons.
There are verses in the Old and New Testaments where God objects to homosexuality, but only in the same way that he objects to blasphemy, lying and thievery.