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By joining the Applied DNA Sciences' Petroleum Marker Program, our companies will set new standards to ensure that our product is safe from thievery and fraud," said Larry Lee, chief technology strategist of Applied DNA Sciences.
Their expressions, while engaging in their thievery, give a peek at what type of upbringing they've been receiving.
The theft wasn't traced to fellow electronic duo Thievery Corporation, the Washington, D.
While Elaine scrambles to launch a reelection campaign, Guybrush is dispatched on a seemingly trivial legal errand that catapults him into a maelstrom of thievery, voodoo and experimental prosthetic devices.
THIEVERY CORPORATION, ``The Richest Man In Babylon'': This Washington, D.
executives were charged Thursday with looting the conglomerate of hundreds of millions of dollars in the latest move by prosecutors against alleged thievery in America's boardrooms.
This first person action/strategy game sends the player deep into Eastern Europe on a solo mission where skills in thievery, computer hacking, sabotage and reconnaissance are necessary to save the world from nuclear terror.
In Los Angeles and surrounding cities, they are an army with an estimated 80,000 soldiers financed by the retail dope trade, protection rackets and thievery.
Facilitating that effort are the hypocritical universities and colleges who could easily block this insidious and on going thievery scheme.
THIEVERY CORPORATION: ``Sounds From the Verve Hi-Fi'' (Verve) Three stars
Clinton and Congress did not inform the public before or after "this quiet thievery and biggest piracy in history" as Peyser sees it, calling it "a profound obstruction of justice, even perhaps a crime against humanity.
It now houses a museum filled with relics of days gone by - among them old railroad artifacts, some American Indian items plucked from the lands once claimed by the Tatavium tribe and even some old court records from the days when horse thievery was as common as today's carjackings.