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THIEF, crimes. One who has been guilty of larceny or theft.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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OCTOBER 27, 2018 Using a Case digger, thieves took a cash machine from a service station on Templepatrick Road in Ballyclare, Co Antrim.
At a rally in Kolar, Karnataka, Gandhi also asked as to why all the "thieves" have the surnames of Modi.
A gang of armed thieves entered the houses of the community when inmates were asleep.
West Yorkshire Police said the home on Oakes Avenue at Brockholes was ransacked after thieves got in by smashing a living room window.
Now, because there are little or no akomfems to steal, the thieves in the Akonfem section of the village, especially those in Daboya, have also nothing to steal.
According to Bahawalpur Police, unidentified thieves took away cash from a super store.
He said that the thieves had forced their way in to the people houses which has become routine affairs in the city while on the other hand the thief incidents created insecurity feelings among the people.
MEHRABPUR -- Three thieves took away goats a home in village Sattar Dino Mangrio on early Monday morning.
DADU -- On direction of caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Fazalur Rehman for decreasing tail-end growers water shortage across the Sindh rangers contingents reached on embankments of irrigation channels of Jamshoro and Dadu district and booked 15 water thieves a long day search operation against water thieves here on Sunday.
BAHAWALPUR -- Unknown thieves deprived six families of cash and valuables in different localities of Rahimyar Khan here on Wednesday.
The PPP leader further added that the Indian chief justice has also asked the question as to how a thief can be a party president, but Rahul Gandhi or Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have never said that we are being termed thieves.
Unidentified thieves stole electronic appliances and other valuables from two shops in the Qila Didar Singh police precincts here the other day.