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46) As one heralded circle claimed, it is the departure from the uniform, uneven sides and unequal angles, which should be deplored rather than the character and deeds of the offending figure: "[W]hy blame a lying, thievish Isosceles when you ought rather to deplore the incurable inequality of his sides?
JONATHAN BOOTHMAN, an Englishman, 23 Years of Age, five Feet five Inches high, of a dark brown Complexion, and a thievish Look; he had on a white Cotton Waistcoat, and Trousers.
In 1882, Boyd (1974:219) in a chapter on the 'Noble savage' notes that when the term was 'stripped of poetical imagery, nothing but a sneaking, filthy, thievish, murdering vagabond' was revealed.
All these years dealing with thieves in a thievish city.
Lines such as 'Time's thievish progress to eternity' and 'Love comforteth like sunshine after rain' illustrate the literary genius of the man from Warwickshire, and Colin Burrow's editing of the book provides an invaluable scholarly analysis, running to some 150 pages, of Shakespeare the poet, the poems and the controversies they have provoked.
This degradation consists both in suffering the act of searching and classing of intelligent and honest white men with raw and thievish natives, which must inevitably lower the moral tone and social stares of hundreds of citizens.
While the Europeans discussed strategy for a future assault against Spain, the natives concentrated on matters closer to hand: "[They] were very impressed with the size of the ships, yet also very thievish [of their contents] and desirous of iron.
the statute would presumably not extend to the case where a carefully guarded secret formula was memorized, carried away in the recesses of a thievish mind and placed in writing only after a boundary had been crossed.
Carlyle's letters, filled with nearly constant complaints about work--and almost as constantly about idleness, especially his own--offer insight into Carlyle's revisions and proofreading of his earlier works such as On Heroes and The French Revolution, his negotiations with the American publishers Wiley and Putnam, whom he characterizes as "hungry thievish hyaenas" (20:84), and his financial security at age fifty, attained for the first time in his life.
MOLD: Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Emlyn Williams Theatre (08453 303565), The British Shakespeare Company in association with Thievish Dog present The Rape of Lucrece.