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THIEF, crimes. One who has been guilty of larceny or theft.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The criminal, corrupt, thievish, deceitful power of bloodsuckers completely collapsed over 20 years.
(4) This investigation will focus on the textual and visual presentation of the voyeuristic eye, often called the "thievish eye" (zeiyan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
A newly imperial Russia is desperate to have them, because she needs to tag not only the lazy Russians but the thievish Rumanians and the quarrelsome Chechens and the lecherous Frenchmen and the arrogant Brits.
?" "My Mistress' Eyes," "lt is my Love," "Thou mayst be false," "To break a Twofold Truth," "Against that time," "Who will believe my verse," "What beauty was of yore," "Ten Times Happy Me!" "Music to hear with eyes," "Of thy beauty do I question make," "Tired with all these," "Water cools not love," "Give me thy lips to kiss," "Of time and youth," "My love is as a Fever," "1 always write of you," "Compare Thou Thine," "More Perjured Eye," "AII you prefiguring," "Truth proves Thievish," "I pine and surfeit," "Rise and fall," "By day / By night," "Lascivious 6race," "Now all is done," "Will," "It was a Lover and his Lass."
They usually viewed their porters as "thievish", "impudent", "impertinent", "lazy" and "cowardly" "scoundrels", or portrayed the "negroes of Angola" as basically "cowardly, lazy, untrustworthy, mendacious, dissolute, careless, sly, and superstitious" as well as thievish and deceitful.
Mozart's Prague and Haydn's Surprise Symphonies make fine bookends to a concert under Italian conductor Ottavio Dantone, with Italian soprano Desiree Rancatore the soloist in Mozart's Exultate Jubilate and a Rossini aria, preceded by his Thievish Magpie overture - masterpieces indeed!
Having no money, he perceives himself in short order being forced to "go and beg [his] food, / Or with a base and boisterous sword enforce / A thievish living on the common road" (2.3.31-33).
And also in the case against Mariana Franko and Pedro Anthonij, the governor defended the actions taken by the council as being necessary to protect the possessions of the citizens from the alleged thievish behavior of the Blacks, both freedmen and slaves.
Or the legend of how the critical edition of Nietzsche's works--the so-called Colli-Montinari edition--came about, according to which the scheming Kurt Hager, the GDR's minister of culture, had the doors of the Nietzsche archives in Weimar, of which he was chief custodian, barred to West German researchers, only to turn around with thievish glee and open them to two Italians.
But, what happens when now in the twenty-first century when so many have grown weary of Pilgrims and Puritans, when so many find Anglo-American relations with Indians to be thievish and worse, when so few in this polyglot and multiracial nation identify with them as fathers, let alone as mothers?
The 1860 version of the poem begins with an eight-line confession omitted from subsequent editions of Leaves, in which the persona announces, "I own that I have been sly, thievish, mean, a prevaricator, greedy, derelict, // And I own that I remain so yet" (325n).