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Before we had the thin clients, you would hope that PowerPoint was loaded onto all the regular computers and you would hope that it was the same version.
Forest Service created a pilot stewardship project that enabled the Mountainair Ranger District to work with local communities to thin small-diameter material and provide firewood for local communities.
According to Dana Gardner, senior analyst in the enterprise software division Boston-based Yankee Group, the beauty of the thin client approach to computing ties in its simplicity.
Recent national events have heightened the security requirements of Federal government agencies, who are increasingly deploying Wyse thin client solutions due to the devices' overall manageability and inherent security advantages over PCs," said David Bachman, Federal manager at Wyse Technology.
Most thin foams are still polypropylene and polystyrene, the resins used in traditional ribbons and shrink-sleeve labels.
In some cases, thin core sections can cause significant rework on the casting and/or a scrap rate of more than 50%.
It was a little over 18 months ago that IBM and Turbolinux began creating solutions for IBM thin client customers," said Ly-Huong Pham, CEO of Turbolinux.