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com TUESDAY BELFAST THE THIN AIR TUESDAY THROWDOWN - BLOODY GOLD New Belfast duo Ryan McGroarty (Beauty Sleep, Wonder Villains) and Brendan Seamus (Bee Mick See) have joined forces to create Bloody Gold.
These four forward-looking individuals are among a mere handful of MPs - Austin Mitchell is another - who actually understand that 97% of the purchasing power currently in circulation is not created by any public agency (ie, the Treasury, the Bank of England) but must be conjured up out of thin air in the form of 'loans' from the high-street banks to their customers disappearing back into thin air as those loans are repaid.
Since my query was printed, all these double black cables seem to have vanished into thin air.
On reading the interesting research on droplets ("Dial-a-Splash: Thin air quells liquid splatter," SN: 2/12/05, p.
JUST when you thought everything was going in the right direction, the promised investment disappears into thin air.
On the TV series Star Trek, whenever people are hungry, they walk to a terminal and say the word "cake," and within seconds the object of desire materializes out of thin air.
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Unlike regular lightning bolts, these jets spread out in the extremely thin air to make spidery treelike formations.
CHRIS GREENACRE, on as a sub, plucked an equaliser out of thin air in the final minutes of this Potteries derby.