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Speaking in popular and unphilosophical terms, we may say that the content of a thought is supposed to be something in your head when you think the thought, while the object is usually something in the outer world.
As soon as I begin to plan, and think, and try, all my planning, thinking, and trying go in old directions, and I begin to feel careful again about the expenses of the day, and about my dear father, and about my work, and then I remember with a start that there are no such cares left, and that in itself is so new and improbable that it sets me wandering again.
I am sure I don't know what they will think of me when I get back.
I wanted to ask you, Mary-- don't you think that Mr.
I can't think of anything to start with," he said, gnawing his penholder fiercely.
You think you're a match for the one, but against the other you're helpless?
The truth is, I begun to think uncomfortably of the dedication.
said Maggie, "how can you think I have such feelings?
I think I liked the horses and the flowers and the fancywork best.
Now, though he did not intend to think about him, memories of him constantly drifted into his mind.
I think it was very nice of them to close," said the Vicar.
Principal mountains--I'm on the only one, but I don't think it's got any name.