think about

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If you think about what people are apt to do, this isn't really an issue.
Baraka: Sometimes I think about it, but most of the time I just write it.
Starting to think about the past while you haven't lost your memory is probably a good idea.
You don't think about this much, but the WTO process requires that governments be more transparent and rules-based in their policies, in addition to lowering the barriers to trade.
Think about if you had to crawl around and play with blocks all day.
If we expect students to think about their thinking, they must be taught how to both ask and answer thought-provoking questions.
Hotel, the occupancy rates, didn't dip to the Persian Gulf rate, which is phenomenal when you think about what happened here.
MD: I don't -- see, again, there are a lot of problems I simply don't think about.
They think about things, but their ideas don't take them anywhere, don't take hold a lot of times.