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Think back to about 1988 or 1989 and think of what the pundits were saying back then.
If we were to think back to, say, the 1980s and early '90s, there was another company that was keeping the people in Detroit up late at night: Nissan.
What'll everybody think back home if Ian's done 1,000 miles and I gave up after 100
Hint: Think back to the last time you took a painful spill.
Think back to the last time you cleaned out your refrigertor.
All chileren play with their food, but now that I think back on the matter, it does seem a little strange
To think back where we were just a few months ago, and now today surrounded by hundreds of the most famous people in the world who are excited about our product is astounding.
A date with Argentina, the tournament's most impressive team, awaits Saturday at Leipzig's Zentralstadion, and if it appears a mismatch, the Mexicans can think back to last year's meeting, in Hannover in the Confederations Cup semifinals.
If you think back on his Everton career, you are really struggling to think of a single mistake.
The recent Roman discussions about the fate of limbo these days makes me think back to my own grammar school days in the early '50s when things like limbo were important lessons to learn.
Think back to the '80s, think depression, think of entire communities on Merseyside and Yorkshire decimated, think unemployment and all that was British disappearing - that is her "legacy Craig Earley, Aigburth, Liverpool
When we complain about overcrowded buses and trains as an excuse to use our cars we should think back to years gone by when that choice was only available to the very select few.