think better

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I think better of you for looking steadily to the needful.
Probably, after all, you'll think better of your uncles' proposal and go into the Church.
Think better of it, Barbara, and pay no more heed to foolish advice and calumny, but read your book again, and read it with attention.
I confess I am glad to hear the report you bring from this unfortunate gentleman; and, if that matter should turn out to be as you represent it (and, indeed, I doubt nothing of what you say), I may, perhaps, in time, be brought to think better than lately I have of this young man; for this good gentlewoman here, nay, all who know me, can witness that I loved him as dearly as if he had been my own son.
Often enough when the first of the month came round and I applied to him for my wage, he would only blow through his nose at me and stare me down, but before the week was out he was sure to think better of it, bring me my four-penny piece, and repeat his orders to look out for "the seafaring man with one leg.
But I am afraid you are giving it a turn which that gentleman did by no means intend; for he would certainly think better of me, if under such a circumstance I were to give a flat denial, and ride off as fast as I could.
Now think better of what we have just been speaking of; and don't be rash, there's a good fellow
We are calling on the American authorities to think better of it and to return immediately the Russian diplomatic facilities.
AROUND 48% of Irish adults think better education in schools is the key to tackling the national obesity epidemic, a survey has found.
Love is Out to Get Me LOVE is out to get me It's what I want each day To be full to the brim To be happy and full of joy Plans go the other way Some hidden force has other ideas So I wait and hide And let things happen outside The world is a busy place It's full of people in a race All those decisions happening All the trouble and strife Here I am wondering Here I am wishing If I think better I will live better Love is out to get me I hold it in my hand I am more successful I am more free Love is out to get me I had it all all the time I took the back seat And got to my destination safe.
We've always looked for really soft ground; it's not that we think better ground will inconvenience him but that he's not very quick.
After years of apparent calm, peace and quiet, our citizenry can now look deeper, think better and act wisely.