think deeply

See: ponder
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The Tin Woodman appeared to think deeply for a moment.
I am not strong enough to think deeply myself on any subject, but I appeal to professional men, who are.
Finally, they emphasize that the system as a whole runs on decisions that individuals in it make on a daily basis, so it is crucial that practitioners think deeply and act wisely.
He has interacted oneon-one with bureaucrats and policy makers in the capacity of anchor, which according to him, made him think deeply about how he could contribute if he joined the council.
We think deeply about how our products are used and the impact they have on users and the people around them.
One meaning being to think deeply, and other describing what cows do with their food; the bit where they bring back to the surface what's already past.
As we learn more in the days to come, we should all think deeply about the circumstances of this shooting and work together to prevent such tragedies from happening again.
The words really made me think deeply and I became convinced that I should join Plaid Cymru.
Waiting for Wonder" is a journey into the heart of God where you will wrestle with personal questions, think deeply about God's true character, and learn to appreciate His divine work as you discover your own path to the promised land.
The second key responsibility of the teachers is to inculcate the habit of pondering and questioning, Barrister Zafar said adding, 'they have to develop curiosity as around 500 times Holy Quran stressed to think deeply each and every think.
I would ask the people of Coventry to visit the cathedral and think deeply about the connection between old and new and pray for peace and reconciliation in our world.
Ms Cooper warned the Conservatives were "making this a battle over personalities and over who's going to be the next leader of the Tory party" adding: "It's actually I think deeply dangerous".