think deeply

See: ponder
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The Tin Woodman appeared to think deeply for a moment.
Arbil /NINA/-- The presidency of Kurdistan region expressed deep concern of the outbreak of war between the PKK and the Turkish army, calling on all parties to think deeply and return to dialogue table and restart the peace process again.
The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly.
I know your daughter wants to help her friend but I beg everyone concerned to think deeply before proceeding.
She called upon husbands to think deeply before divorcing their wives.
their views on reintroduction of such punishment, I have either had a double talk meaningless reply or: 'I would have to think deeply about that.
They think deeply about their work and spend time discussing the best ways to co-construct both a meaningful and purposeful curriculum and associated activities.
He said : "Most people who think deeply about cyber security understand the inevitability of failure.
Ramadan is a time for contemplation to fast, and to pray, and to think deeply about others.
The next ten days until the upcoming round of negotiations will give all sides the opportunity to think deeply about what lies ahead.
Discussion questions prompt students to think deeply and critically.
I would ask people to think deeply on the direction in which Wales is going, and at the very least, if they do not want to be pawns of the Welsh Government, to opt out of this legislation.