think differently

See: disagree, vary
References in classic literature ?
Thou forcest many to think differently about thee; that, charge they heavily to thine account.
Fanny supposed she must have been mistaken, and meant to think differently in future; but with all that submission to Edmund could do, and all the help of the coinciding looks and hints which she occasionally noticed in some of the others, and which seemed to say that Julia was Mr.
"But still, not near enough to give me a chance of being right, if we think differently."
Indeed, she saw nothing in him that looked like a being to excite or to entertain such a passion; and although from the moment of his declaration she began insensibly to think differently of him, nothing was farther from her mind than to return his offered affection.
She had already acknowledged it to herself, and she could not think differently, let him think of her as he would.
His reply to my question seemed to me then evidence that it had; perhaps I should think differently about it now.
I know that most men think differently from myself; but those whose lives are by profession devoted to the study of these or kindred subjects, content me as little as any.
Still, this is only my opinion, and I am only one man; others, with less experience, may think differently. They have a right to their view.
Fairfax found you to train it; but now you know that it is the illegitimate offspring of a French opera- girl, you will perhaps think differently of your post and protegee: you will be coming to me some day with notice that you have found another place--that you beg me to look out for a new governess, &c.- -Eh?"
If he is not evil such things would not happen." That is how I thought then, my father; now I think differently. I know that we had not found out the path of the Great Spirit, that is all.
Like most men of the world, Totski had rather despised such a cheaply-bought conquest, but of late years he had begun to think differently about it.
Not that I'm any better than the sailors an' cow-punchers I travelled with, - I was cow-punchin' for a short time, you know, - but I always liked books, read everything I could lay hands on, an' - well, I guess I think differently from most of 'em.