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A listing posted on the London Gazette states: "The purpose of the meeting is to consider the statement of affairs of the company, to appoint a liquidator and, if the creditors think fit, to appoint a liquidation committee.
1 which states: "Transfer of membership will be reviewed by the board, which will have the discretion to reject or to grant such application on terms and conditions as the board may think fit.
I am in constant touch with my doctors and coach and will be back whenever they think fit.
Our Health at Work website is jam-packed with top tips for a healthy workforce including information about how to start a health club in your workplace, healthy eating and fitness guides, e-newsletters, and the chance to order a Think Fit pack which includes activity wall planners and posters.
Is it only the thrill of driving at variable speeds from racing to legal (as they approach a fixed yellow box camera) and overtaking as and when they think fit and not according to the rules of law that keeps them in control of their vehicles?
We have to build better links with our Muslim communities and we have to give our security services the means to operate as best they think fit - and then desist from tailoring their findings to fit whatever conviction the prime minister is currently harbouring.
Published in the September 15 issue of the Racing Calendar, it reads: "The stewards of the Jockey Club have power at their discretion to prohibit a rider who is the holder of a current licence or permit to ride issued by a recognised turf authority from riding in races for such period or periods as they think fit.
There's a feel to the film, a look to it and questions posed in it that I think fit very cleanly in with the questions and worlds that Kubrick was fascinated with,'' adds Law, whose Gigolo Joe was toned down from the graphically efficient sex machine of Kubrick's 90-page story treatment to a more PG-13-friendly fellow in Spielberg's script.
An announcement was made by Moore in the London Gazette, stating: "The purpose of the meeting is to consider the Statement of Affairs of the Company to be laid before the meeting, to appoint a liquidator and, if the creditors think fit, to appoint a liquidation committee.
Yesterday, Perth sheriff Robert McCreadie told Smith: "It is utterly disgusting that you should think fit to use the 999 service in this way.