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There are some systems that I don't think fit so well," he says.
After all it is costing this country PS58m per day, which is going to other nationalities to do whatever they think fit.
It is open to people that we think fit into what I have described and Kenny fits into that categor y.
Our Health at Work website is jam-packed with top tips for a healthy workforce including information about how to start a health club in your workplace, healthy eating and fitness guides, e-newsletters, and the chance to order a Think Fit pack which includes activity wall planners and posters.
citizens as they think fit, this may be our last chance to give or withhold consent to the constitutional changes which a transnational political elite (including many of our own "representatives" and their allies in business, finance and non-governmental organisations) are seeking to impose upon us unchallenged.
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There's a feel to the film, a look to it and questions posed in it that I think fit very cleanly in with the questions and worlds that Kubrick was fascinated with,'' adds Law, whose Gigolo Joe was toned down from the graphically efficient sex machine of Kubrick's 90-page story treatment to a more PG-13-friendly fellow in Spielberg's script.
Everybody is entitled to conduct their business in whatever manner they think fit.