think highly of

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One cannot wonder that so very fine a young man, with family, fortune, everything in his favour, should think highly of himself.
Mr Elliot is an exceedingly agreeable man, and in many respects I think highly of him," said Anne; "but we should not suit.
We think highly of cooperating with ICBC and hope to develop more high-quality power plants and eventually repay our investors and society by producing more clean energy,' he added.
Newcastle also think highly of him and whenever I've seen him play I have always thought highly of him, so he's a good acquisition to our team and we just need to make sure we play to all our strengths and we'll all be fine.
The two guys are friends of ours and we think highly of them, so it was disappointing to see our mates left out like that.
He said: "I enjoyed the experience and think highly of James McDonaugh, the head academy coach.
If you strive hard for high standards, people will take note and think highly of your tertiary institution, Justice Gates said.
We think highly of him and his credentials speak of themselves," he said.
However, many users don't think highly of the new feature, the Los Angeles Times reports.
I know they think highly of me because I have been selected for Great Britain international matches against Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Brazil and China.
Still, even as he launched and led successful businesses, first in North Carolina and now in Florida, Mariano continued to think highly of UM, praising the university for the positive impact it's made in the community.
Yes, we are the rigid and narrow-minded few who don't think highly of gays