think likely

References in classic literature ?
Well, sir, I don't know--I think likely you'd fetch the captain of the watch may be, because he's a-standing right yonder in the way.
If further evidence be required, which I do not think likely, I can add that I have been a "gentleman connected with the press.
But, add the case that you had loved her, Pip, and had made her the subject of those 'poor dreams' which have, at one time or another, been in the heads of more men than you think likely, then I tell you that you had better - and would much sooner when you had thought well of it - chop off that bandaged left hand of yours with your bandaged right hand, and then pass the chopper on to Wemmick there, to cut that off, too.
As for a police officer making statements and judgement plus providing a taxi service to her front door across the other side of the city - I hardly think likely - and would be amused to hear the comments of the duty police inspector on the matter.