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Same-sexers," he maintains, "would think little or nothing at all about their preference if society ignored it.
Small town culture in which we work for and with people we know personally - think Little House on the Prairie - was eventually replaced by the 1980s 'Me Generation.
I think little Alan Wright had gone down the left and swung in a cross and it was half cleared.
We also have some great pictures from Little Diamonds Nursery, and I think little Miles the jester has his career all planned out already - hilarious.
I wish I could turn back time, because I think little breasts are perfect and surprisingly I feel a lot better with dresses," she added.
I think Little Mix are the first girl band that have the potential to do it.
I think Little Mix and Amelia Lily are great but so too are Misha B and Marcus.
10 -- Think Little Havana as the Associated Builders and Owners of Greater New York travels back in time to the splendor of old-time Cuba for this year's dinner dance at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel on Broadway at W.
I'm sorry, but I think little girls should be encouraged to remain little girls for as long as possible, which means big safe knickers without sexual connotation.
I think Little Aston is playing harder than Sutton Coldfield but players will have to score well over both courses on Friday to make the cut.
And we don't think Little Rock's afraid to be cutting-edge.