think logically

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Being suddenly much more aware of their environment, social stratification, and effect on others, it becomes clear early on that the capacity for human intelligence entails much more than the ability to think logically.
It is natural to lose confidence and not be able to think logically in such situations, but know that help is at hand.
It's an emotion that's out of control and, every time you get the urge to accuse your boyfriend of something, you need to stop and try to think logically before saying anything.
By the time they graduate, these students have developed a high level of maturity and self-confidence, deeper reasoning skills, professionalism, a formed set of values and beliefs, a greater sense of identity, and the ability to think logically to resolve problems, both personally and professionally.
The study, " Sound Credit Scores and Financial Decisions Despite Cognitive Aging " recently published in the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences(PNAS), found evidence that "crystallized intelligence," which is gained through experience and accumulated knowledge, can be more important that "fluid intelligence," the ability to think logically and process new information.
He's definitely a Derby prospect and I think logically that is the target.
Yes, reports of mothers' attempting suicide and self-harm were "harrowing," however, Mr Abbott believes that the Australians who think logically would not want him surrendering to such moral blackmails.
I think logically all-party working is the way forward and we need to come up with the best solution in these circumstances so it's us in Kirklees who make these big decisions rather than having it imposed by a planning inspector.
We must think logically about the steps needed to ensure that everyone is safe.
Think logically, why would anyone come out, risk everything and go through the alienation from colleagues, loss of income, trust and the emotional struggle that it will require to get this through an ugly tribunal process, not even considering the paranoia and the stress that trying to bring something like that to bear will create?
Gone are the days when PhD degree-holders were known to have prowess to think logically, exceptional grasp on the subject of their speciality and the ability to express the same in a scholarly fashion.
You have to try to leave emotion out of it and think logically about what it would mean for your life and your marriage if you were to get in touch with your ex.