think nothing of

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ALMOST half of under 25s think nothing of dumping a lover by PHONE, says a new survey.
OUR councillors think nothing of wasting council tax payers' money on reconstructing the unsightly red plaques in Millennium Square which are as bad as they ever were.
I'm proud of my town but not of litter-louts who think nothing of putting bin bags out in their alleys.
Unfortunately, we are gradually losing our fights to ambitious bureaucrats in government who think nothing of using the power of government to destroy people.
I would see ABBA, then AC/DC, then Air Supply, then Rose Tattoo, and think nothing of it.
As a result, teams think nothing of carving an engine from billet--an exercise that gives a very precise wall thickness, stable material properties, and that can run non-stop--or having a bill of materials of $250,000 per engine.
Nelson and Diane Keaton--is such a model of New England liberal acceptance, they evidently think nothing of inviting their gay son's black boyfriend to their home for the holidays.
Literary pilgrims think nothing of traveling long distances to see the place where a favorite author lived, worked or was buried.
But with professors who think nothing of plagiarizing, what is the academic community to do?
But a local 'animal-lover' seems to think nothing of kicking out their cat every night, even in this harsh weather.
While today we wouldn't dream of visiting a mental hospital to laugh at the inmates (as the Victorians did), we think nothing of giggling at Arkwright's stammer or Corporal Jones' malaria.