think of

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I have been afraid that you may think of me in a new light, or a new character.
"It makes me a little frightened to think of all that may happen in them," said Cecily.
"I can't think of any resolutions I want to make," said Felicity, who was perfectly satisfied with herself.
"I can't think of anything to start with," he said, gnawing his penholder fiercely.
"I'm not very particular what SOME people think of me," rejoined Felix.
"Don't think of the past now, Maggie; think only of our love.
How he had driven away from it the last time, shuddering to think of its closed rooms and the boy lying in the four-posted bed with the brocaded hangings.
You never think of anything but your own selfishness.
But Tess did not think of this; she took everything as her deserts, and hardly opened her mouth.
It was evident to her that he was, as he had said, living with paralyzed activities, in his endeavour to think of a plan of procedure.
Think of years to come, and children being born to us, and this past matter getting known--for it must get known.
"You're no longer a boy, you know; you must begin to think of settling down.