think twice

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Police also think twice when dealing with people who know their rights.
However, instead of thinking once about a manoeuvre, you'll perhaps think twice.
By helping readers recognize where their thinking might go astray, Think Twice forces them look at life differently, regardless of what their intuition might say.
Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker said: "Trafficking is a vile and evil trade and sex buyers must be made to think twice about the consequences of their actions.
What consumer wouldn't think twice about shopping at a store known to have sold potentially tainted meat?
17 /PRNewswire/ -- A new report by a Wisconsin think tank that examined "learning gaps" among high school students fails minimal academic standards and gets two Fs for being fatally flawed, found an independent review of the report conducted by the Think Twice Project.
Well, you might want to think twice (or twice as hard) about going into a TV-induced trance.
They have earned my confidence and I would not think twice about using their services again.
One exposure could make someone think twice about using it on someone else.
German lawmakers hope that the steep fine will make people think twice about sending spam.
Zhu notes that these results, published in the March Biology of Reproduction, may make researchers think twice about proposals to clone extinct animals using the eggs of living species.
ANIMAL lovers should think twice before giving donations to groups which may use the cash to fund extremist activities, the Government said yesterday.