think twice

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New Delhi [India], Feb 19 ( ANI ): Next time you go to take your shoes off on a plane, you might want to think twice.
We think twice about speaking up for fear that our opinions will easily be quieted.
If other countries did the same and returned vessels out at sea to the country they left from they would think twice about paying traffickers and driS ve down numbers of migrants.
Suitable for older teens and adults, Space encourages the reader to think twice about the weirdness in life that we're taught to accept as normal.
If he posted malicious comments then take his computers so he will think twice next time.
This is why we have launched our Think Twice campaign.
Maybe the idiots will think twice when they see one at the side of a policeman or woman.
Maybe staring at young men who've had limbs blown off in Afghanistan might make him think twice about falling to the floor as though he's been hit by a sniper when all that's happened is an arm has brushed the top of his hair-bun.
Police think twice when dealing with video, as opposed to a still camera.
Summary: Women are being urged to think twice before giving birth at home in case they put their baby at risk.
THINK TWICE discusses how to overcome these patterns, providing a fine approach to decision making for libraries strong in business or psychology alike.
Two years later, Michael Mauboussin, chief investment strategist at Legg Mason Capital Management and a finance professor at Columbia Business School, takes the opposite view in Think Twice, suggesting that our instincts are often wrong.