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The key is for us to work within our own political and social networks to challenge the ways in which the Right frames the boundaries of the thinkable.
It no longer thinkable to have a huge initial financial investment like that of the PS3," Kato said.
No thought exists without a sustaining support," Bochner wrote in 1969 as an epigraph to a preparatory sketch for his inscribed wall drawing Theory of Boundaries, 1969-70, which posits the inseparability of any inference about the coordinates of space from its real or thinkable visualization (the "support," a pun on the conventional role of the canvas) or its symbolic relationship to the world through language.
The answer, for those of us who do not limit the thinkable to the very limited range of ideas sanctioned by our three main political parties, is to call for a government which will work out practical exit strategies for us to leave the EU, while remaining good neighbours, on friendly trading terms with those who stay in.
If God sent his Son to become a human being, to teach a doctrine, to found a Church, to suffer and die, and to rise again for our salvation, is it thinkable that he would found a fallible Church to instruct mankind down through the centuries and sanctify them with Sacraments?
They've ditched old common law rules so as to charge deep-pocket defendants with harms that were once considered other people's fault, thus making it thinkable to mulct automakers for the costs of drunk drivers' crashes, tobacco companies for the costs of smokers' indulgence in the weed, and now gun makers for the damage caused when their wares are used in crimes.
They were also less implicated than the contemporary poverty pimps in defining the limits of the possible and the thinkable with respect to social policy in general.
An initial meeting of all parties in, say, Jordan at Aqabah could then be followed by in-depth meeting at Cardiff, out of which could arise never a treaty, for history teaches us that treaties, "those scraps of paper", ultimately cause more problems than intent, simply for this generation and future generations to say thanks for the "Cardiff Accord" the UN: thinkable was possible.
It is a one-of-a-kind time capsule from when grandmother was a young woman, generously sharing with the present just about every thinkable piece of everyday clothing from 1918 to the 60s.
This remarkable policy tied the leadership's own hands for the sake of maximum deterrent effect, and was thinkable only in a nation where a long tradition of decentralization had distributed the spirit of initiative far and wide.