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Employers increasingly demand graduates with not only subject matter competency, but also critical thinking and higher-order learning ability.
5 : to consider for some time : ponder <I'm still thinking it over.
Integration of technology and thinking skills through problem-based learning (PBL) is supported as an approach to science by standards such as the National Science Education Standards (National Research Council, 1996) the Benchmarks for Science Literacy (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1993) and a recent report on K-8 science education (National Research Council, 2007).
One way of thinking about the future is to obsessively try to live longer and think about how we can [improve] the world that we want to inhabit.
A compelling example of the power of point of view is the budding movement in financial services to embrace Enterprise Risk Management, which focuses on thinking about, measuring and managing a firm's overall combination of risks and returns.
If someone would ask us what we were thinking about when we were playing, we might very well have difficulty answering without embarrassment.
So much time in those dark theaters, not wanting to go out into the light, thinking the world was a bit cold and strange and lonely.
Baraka: Because, I thought, in my own kind of contradictory thinking, that it was "hell.
The main thinking was northeastern Ontario as opposed to municipal issues.
It's a positive sign when people start saying "what if" because then you know that they have been thinking about it and they are bringing it up to the forefront.
The basic problem, to be elaborated in many variants in post-Kantian aesthetics, is instead to question how thinking itself becomes "sensible"--something we can see, sense, touch, feel, something that "affects" us.