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Before getting the children started, the teachers tested their own understanding of thinking about thinking.
ERM invites one to take the same point of view toward the various activities of the firm as a whole by thinking about the firm's various lines of business and various functions, such as investment and underwriting, as different activities that generate returns and risks.
When we speak of concentration, we usually think of it in terms of what we must exclude from our thoughts: "I must not listen to the man coughing in the fourth row." "I must not worry what my teacher may be thinking." "I must not wonder what is for dinner tonight." This is a losing battle because we cannot exclude thoughts from our mind without thinking about them.
The simple way to describe a vaccine is "something that you take and then you never have the bug in you." Well that's clearly not the way that AIDS vaccine researchers are thinking about things now.
Whether the standards are exactly the right ones or not, the effort to set them has gotten an enormous number of people around the world thinking about what are the right standards and what should be done to change our bankruptcy laws, for example, in case we get into this again.
The global nature of the net -- there are no geographic boundaries -- has also made it natural that people think and act more globally rather than just thinking about local issues.
I always want to ask priests, "What do you think about when you're driving?" Pastors are not thinking about how they can make the weekend liturgy come alive.
But I certainly wouldn't walk away from nonquantifiable things or try, to drive them into quantification merely to satisfy a group of accountants sitting in the basement, as differentiated from thinking about how this improves my competitive position overall.
In 1967 or '68, when I was thinking about going to law school, I wrote to my former professor and I said, "The most interesting thing has happened to me.
Wilson first spoke about these issues in Thinking About Crime, a book that rallied conservatives around this issue in the mid-1970s and succeeded in moving this country toward this model of deterrence and incapacitation as the only justification for the corrections system.
18 on the BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100s list) is thinking about following suit and TLC Beatrice International Holdings Inc.