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I'll be thinking about something and it will be gestating as a column or an essay.
This learning journal has helped me to be a more effective learner through critical reflective thinking about my learning experience.
But you can't stop thinking about Gilbert and whether he has ever had such a horrible game at such a rotten time.
I'm thinking about it, and one day maybe it'll happen.
In thinking about Jackie, you're doing an anthropology of glamour.
Pollitt: Well, if you grew up in the McCarthy era, one of the things that you would be constantly thinking about is, what would I do?
Some phenomena emerging from recent study and discussion of critical thinking in the classroom seem especially positive, however, with respect to their impact on teachers' thinking about themselves as providers of learning and the modalities traditionally employed in their teaching.
Descriptive vocabulary is an important component of science learning (Graesser, Leon, & Otero, 2002), as it provides a way of thinking about and expressing observations of physical attributes.
So what are we thinking about when we perform a piece of music from memory?
Think: Season finale finds the hospital gang facing life decisions - moving on, or not, thinking about family, etc.
Basically, telling the American people, "You stupid crackers, stop thinking about the moral order of the universe and chow down on this prescription drug benefit" That is the attitude the Democratic Party projects, and I think it turns off voters.