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ERM invites one to take the same point of view toward the various activities of the firm as a whole by thinking about the firm's various lines of business and various functions, such as investment and underwriting, as different activities that generate returns and risks.
This is a losing battle because we cannot exclude thoughts from our mind without thinking about them.
Salaam: So why did you go to New York thinking about being a painter if the music was what you liked and the word was what you could deal with the easiest?
RM: Long before the high-low show at the Modern, when Kirk [Varnedoe] was first thinking about it, he mentioned something about it at a dinner.
18 on the BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100s list) is thinking about following suit and TLC Beatrice International Holdings Inc.
When there is an international tourist who is coming to this part of the world, what they're thinking about is are they coming to the South, or are they going to the Northeast, or are they going to the Chicago area, or are they going to Los Angeles, or are they going to Canada?
The purpose of our ongoing programmatic self-study is to track teachers' thinking about collaboration and inquiry while they participate as members of an inquiry-based learning community.
Well, yeah--when you're having sex with someone, you're not thinking about your lighting.
But you can't stop thinking about what really was the most extraordinary performance of the NCAA Tournament's West Regional.
laughing) If Carl Weissbrod was thinking about running, I'd possibly be behind him.
CM: Thinking about Fribourg and all that inculcation of tradition, does anything ever jump out of your thought and suddenly announce itself as the residue of Catholic training and have to be rethought?