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Thinking back to the days of looking out the barn door in Whittemore, Iowa, the path has been adventuresome.
Emirates Racing Association chief executive Les Benton said: "It had people thinking back to World Cup day in 1997, when the course was flooded and the meeting postponed, but today everything is as sweet as apple pie."
And there are countless more people in the tax community who will never board another plane or hear another siren or otherwise conduct our lives without thinking back to September 11.
Catching up with one former South Wales journalist - who shall remain nameless, Mr Davies found himself thinking back to a particularly fine party that had been hosted by the said member of the Press.
Thinking back to Franz Xaver Messerschmidt's grimacing self-portrait sculpture or ahead to Arnulf Rainer, one can only conclude that something strange happens to the Danube waters when they pass Vienna.
Thinking back on all of this, I realize now that our relationship was not merely one of caregiver and patient.
I was just thinking back to Louis Armstrong's death in 1971 (that long ago!); I made mention in a column at the time, but lacked the wit to summon up the Hiltonesque headline, "Goodbye, Mr.
The former Scotland ace was in the Stade de France for the Brazil game and he couldn't help thinking back to the awful night in 1985 when we lost The Big Man.
At Joffrey Sara had also studied jazz, and, thinking back, she remembered that the less controlled movements hadn't put the some strain on her foot.