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Immensely popular in its day, The Magic of Thinking Big is a classic in the personal-development genre.
But thinking big also means, in a sense, thinking small.
THINK BIG spoiled the party 34 years ago - but thinking big might ensure a party next week.
So why isn't the Welsh Assembly Government thinking big about getting Trump to build his golf course in Wales?
Playing a championship lacrosse event in Southern California might seem akin to staging a surf festival in Georgia, but Major League Lacrosse officials are thinking big picture this weekend.
Her story is one of vigilance, determination, ingenuity, and constant life learning; her successes, mistakes and triumphs all make valuable lessons for would-be entrepreneurs thinking big.
The firm says it is thinking big when it comes to the future of its own small cars, a philosophy that just been further underscored with the debut of the Nissan Sport Concept at the New York Auto Show.
My experience is that the institutions that are thinking big are the ones that also think on a day-to-day basis about how to achieve that.