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Immensely popular in its day, The Magic of Thinking Big is a classic in the personal-development genre.
Her story is one of vigilance, determination, ingenuity, and constant life learning; her successes, mistakes and triumphs all make valuable lessons for would-be entrepreneurs thinking big.
The firm says it is thinking big when it comes to the future of its own small cars, a philosophy that just been further underscored with the debut of the Nissan Sport Concept at the New York Auto Show.
My experience is that the institutions that are thinking big are the ones that also think on a day-to-day basis about how to achieve that.
Thinking big and taking risks have served Willard well in his career.
Indeed, Shrigley is thinking big, in his own small, comical way.
Maybe then, the reward for thinking big will override the risks.
When it comes to electronics, thinking small is thinking big.
The emerging trend, referred to as Big Data, is the 4th topic featured in Fidelity's innovative Thinking Big initiative.
My hat's off to the governor for thinking big,'' said Villaraigosa.
In the process of thinking big, it is important to remember that the computer is an aid and cannot compensate for the design and writing instincts of the operator.
It's time for all elected officials to start thinking big about reforming the LAUSD or breaking it into manageable pieces that empower parents and teachers.