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He thinks nothing of holding a 90-minute practice if things are going smoothly.
UNLUCKIEST supporter of the year award must go to bonkers Botswana fanatic Ben Brown who thinks nothing of crossing the globe from his home in Chantilly, France, to watch his national side.
However, as Mr Bronstein had his leg badly bitten by a Komodo dragon while at San Diego Zoo (an accident during a birthday treat organised by his ex-wife), he probably thinks nothing Jerry can do will ever get as bad as that
If someone gave you a miniature red rose in a small plant pot, china, white and minty green with pink, purple red and yellow tulips on it, beware, unlike me who thought the absolute world of my mother, you unfortunately have produced a child who thinks nothing of you.
He takes one look at thug Jonathan Briers, who thinks nothing of threatening a couple of young shopgirls with a bottle, and puts him in a place where the sun doesn't shine for a long time.
She's loud, she's vulgar, she thinks nothing of scrapping in public and she's regularly pictured falling out of clubs after a night on the pop.
Thinks nothing of rummaging through your bag, sneaking a peek at your diary or eavesdropping on phone chats?