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Furthermore, the Pacamara, with its large, bold bean, is a cross between two Arabica varieties not much admired for their flavor: the compact, high-bearing Caturra and the Maragogipe, an old Arabica grown more for its enormous bean size than for its often thinnish, lackluster flavor.
25) is a thinnish pan-fried steak, slightly chewy but of good flavor.
Shaquille O'Neal added 36 points, 10 rebounds and six assists, taking advantage of the Kings' thinnish big-man corps.
I've been trying it for a week now, and the thinnish cream does smooth in easily, leaving skin more supple and radiant.
Take the lighter blush (in my case Clinique Blushwear Rosy Blush No 3) and tap colour on to cheeks, in a thinnish line to the outside edge of your cheekbones.
In fact, although the Coolmore resident heads the accompanying table of sires at this year's sale, one might almost say 15 is a thinnish representation.