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Self-talk in the third person might turn out to be a more accessible method of stabilizing emotions during a stressful situation: The simplicity of the change - from thinking in the first person to thinking in the third person - means it could be an easy tool at people's disposal when they are trying to manage stress in their everyday lives.
To summarize Hoffman's and Falk's approaches to the persons issues in the traditional blessing formula: for the sake of consistency, Hoffman drops the third person reference to God and retains only the second person; for the sake of eliminating the masculine-gendered references to God, Falk completely eliminates the second person, and indeed, personhood altogether for God.
The Crowded Praying Field: Why Second and Third Persons Are Needed, or the Dialectics of Relationship
First, second, and third persons are all present, jostled and jostling together, cheek by jowl as it were.
The public's view of the impact of the mass media: A test of the 'third person' effect.
The third person effect and political advertising: Truth, effectiveness, regulation and usefulness.
Third persons may voice their views thereon, unsolicited, including whether they endorse a lawyer for a particular skill.
By charging lawyers to regulate the speech of third persons, The Florida Bar commandeers lawyers to infringe those third persons' constitutional rights.