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According to Cristobal, his daughter needs to undergo modified expansion thoracoplasty, a surgical procedure costing P1.1 million, to have a rod implanted and gradually correct the alignment of her spine.
He has undergone thoracoplasty to reduce the size of abnormal space in the thoracic cavity created by the collapsed lung.
Growth of the thoracic spine in congenital scoliosis after expansion thoracoplasty. J Bone Joint Surg Am.
(ii) patients included in the study had either one or more of what is considered a body contouring procedure (e.g., abdomino plasty, panniculectomy, thoracoplasty, brachioplasty, mastopexy/plasty, thigh lif, etc.);
This method of thoracoplasty induced great interest among all orthopedists and children's surgeons.
Four weeks later he obliterated the large space left behind by resecting the overlying ribs, (thoracoplasty) and the patient was well 11 years later.
She had a history of pulmonary tuberculosis, having undergone right upper lobe thoracoplasty at the age of 30 years.