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Spaced HRCT thorax was done in all subjects in GE Bright Speed 16 slice 3rd generation CT scanner in supine position at end inspiration.
We couldn't afford to introduce normal microbiota of the thorax to avoid cross-contaminating the abdomen and vice versa.
The study is a sort of a proof of concept, we've shown that the fur on the thorax can absorb ultrasound, but the extent to which it is present amongst the many moth species is currently unknown, Neil said.
The volume was first published in German in 2015 as Radiologische Diagnostik Abdomen und Thorax. Bildinterpretation unter Ber'cksichtigung anatomischer Landmarken und klinischer Symptome.
They were assessed with chest X-ray and CT thorax for findings consistent with mesothelioma (encasement, nodularity and pleural thickening on chest X-ray and CT thorax).
One of the passengers arm has been ripped off, while a driver broke his both legs, ribs and thorax in a car crash in Ryazan region of Russia, Turmush reports.
Chest radiography revealed nearly 20 needles within the cardiac silhouette and the thorax (Figure 1).
The skin samples were collected from dorsal, lateral, and ventral regions of head, neck, thorax, abdomen, and tail.
The length of the head and thorax was measured from the frons of the head, but does not include antennal tubercles, to the end point of the third segment of the thorax.
It illustrates that the body was divided into a head, thorax and post-thorax, all of which bore different kinds of appendages, including five pairs of walking legs in the thorax, and rounded appendages likely used to respiration in the post-thorax.
Selon la police locale, le supporter, dont l'identite n'a pas ete revelee, a ete atteint par une balle au thorax a l'exterieur du stade et etait deja decede a son arrivee a l'hopital.
In terms of injury site 126(43%) had injury of abdomen, 74(25%) limbs, 69(24%) thorax, Head (3%), Neck 3(1%) and 11(4%) patients got multiple injuries on their bodies.