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It is very doubtful if he had looked at the problem with any degree of thoroughness.
Sulzer compiles and describes with great thoroughness, but does not attempt a new master narrative, though many implicit sub-plots emerge.
Research based on denominational periodicals, both past and present; archival sources; and numerous secondary works demonstrates his thoroughness.
Though intended for Linux users who are already familiar with the software's basics, The Linux Enterprise Cluster walks one through projects and pitfalls step-by-step with the expected thoroughness of a No Starch Press manual.
Freud would not have been surprised; indeed, his contemporary von Schrenck-Notzing is moved to examine Eva with, according to her handler Madame Bisson, "unexpected gynecological thoroughness.
A high degree of thoroughness in evaluating new products and technologies, which leads to long assessment periods and slow decision-making
Noble, was praised for its thoroughness by a congressional sub-committee, by all major media and by an independent high-ranking oversight panel appointed by Treasury Secretary Bentsen.
Reduced funding had tragic consequences when child welfare agencies were unable to act quickly and with thoroughness.
The thoroughness and competence of Sponde: commentateur d'Homere leaves this reader's hunger slightly unsatisfied on only two points.
The Commission says it "cannot sacrifice thoroughness for speed".
My developmental hierarchy of the intellectual virtues begins with the virtues of intellectual carefulness, such as single-mindedness, thoroughness, accuracy, and perseverance.