thought beforehand

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I had thought beforehand that I knew its purport, and I did.
She had thought beforehand chiefly at her own deliverance from her teasing hair and teasing remarks about it, and something also of the triumph she should have over her mother and her aunts by this very decided course of action; she didn't want her hair to look pretty,--that was out of the question,--she only wanted people to think her a clever little girl, and not to find fault with her.
I actually thought beforehand it was a blessing in disguise that Wales were without so many of the old guard and so it proved because the blokes coming in showed we have got other cards to play at this level.
Had you given it any thought beforehand, would you have been so enamoured about taking such a long journey?
It was clearly a last resort and done with much thought beforehand as the filibuster process was absolutely being abused by the GOP.
I don't see why not," Mehmet said, and so I started down the path that led to me coming to live here permanently without having given it a minute's careful thought beforehand.
As I thought beforehand, The Liquidator did best of our runners in the bumper, finishing fourth.
It also revealed that those famous words he uttered on his descent - "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" - were not quite as spontaneous as we were led to believe with his brother revealing that he'd given them much thought beforehand.
Ten per cent is a very low tax rate in the current environment but it might only be available if you give it some thought beforehand.
I thought beforehand that one of the keys was to go low on the west and fortunately I managed to do it today," he said.
I thought beforehand that I would go under if something like that happened.
The squad of players, however, thought beforehand that they could finish in the top six.